Podcasts: Startup Recruiters Exposed

Hung Lee (London based startup hiring expert) has started a series of podcasts under the banner of "Startup Recruiters Exposed" - interviews with some of the leading recruiters at fast growth tech driven companies.

Ep. 1 - Matt Buckland, Forward Partners
Matt Buckland is Head of Talent at Forward Partners, an e-commerce startup catalyst (incubator...). He's in the enviable, or not, position of hiring across a portfolio of startups. Learn how he manages hiring with so many stakeholders involved. 

Ep. 2 - Steve Buckley, Makeshift (previously at Lyst)
Steve Buckley joined Lyst when they'd just received $14m in funding. Listen to this interview to find out about the challenges of hiring when your company is about to explode (in a good way) and how to manage them.

Ep. 3 - James Peters, Director @Scedestaffing
James Peters is former head of recruitment at Hailo in London. James shares tips on what tools he uses to find candidates and Hung shares a top twitter secret...

Ep. 4 - Ruthie Penfold, Talent Acquisition Manager at Shazam

Ep. 5 - Kristian Bright, Head of Talent Acquisition Lost My Name
(previously at StackOverflow)

Ep. 6 - Matt BradburnHead of Talent and HR at Qubit

Ep. 7 - Aaron Neale, Head of Talent at Improbable.io

Ep. 8 - Ken Ward, Nexmo

Ep. 9 - Ebony James, Lead Recruiter at Plumbee

Ep. 10 - Willem Wijnans, Improbable

Ep. 11 - Andrea Marston, Director of Talent at AOL (previously at Huddle)