Talent Hackers NYC

Talent Hackers launched in NYC with a great success - a full house brimming with founders, startups and in-house recruiters with standing room only left. Hosted by Workable and co-sponsored by friends from FoodtoEat and WeWork - this was the first of many more Talent Hackers discussions to come in New York.

Our panelists last night included:

Here's a few of the take-aways from last night...

Building and hiring for company culture: 

  • Before you hire for culture you have to first understand and define your company's values. Then you have to communicate that to your candidates and get them engaged with them. 
  • Understand each department's highest level goals and objectives and sell the hell out of them. Find the people who are excited about your goals and get the ones that aren't excited out. 

How do you retain great talent?

It's usually not money that makes someone leave their job.

  • Give recognition where recognition is due: birthdays, anniversaries, and especially success.
  • Do team building activities to build a sense of community.
  • Create cascading goals where each individual's goals are aligned to their department head's goals, the CEO's goals and the company's goals.
  • Have weekly one on ones with your employees to understand their needs. Build a longterm goal for them within your company.

Using data and unconventional tools to source candidates

  • Approach hiring like a sales funnel. 
  • Email your top candidates until they respond like you're selling to them. 
  • Create email templates, follow up at least 3 times.  
  • Test subject lines in your email and track your open rate to see which subject lines and email templates work the best. Each will be different for engineers, sales and marketing people.
  • Some people don't like to be approached by a recruiter - so instead ask the company's head engineer, or head of sales, or the CEO to send the email. Don't be the recruiter.
  • Try smart emailing tools like ToutApp, Boomerang, and Yesware.
  • Calendly to help schedule interviews and meetings.
  • Hired for finding candidates.
  • Rapportive for finding correct email addresses.
  • Workable for managing your recruitment pipeline and candidate database.


Do coding schools and startup fairs work? Do you hire from them?

Positive shout outs to Flatiron School, UNCUBED, NY Tech Day, and Startup Institute.


How do you pay attention to diversity when you're hiring as a startup?


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